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With Care, We’re transforming The Lives of Women Veterans So They Continue to Be Who They Want to Be.

Referral Service

Do you need food, clothing, housing, or emotional support? We begin with an assessment of your needs, then work to find the right resources to fill your need.

Career Assistance

We provide access to Job fairs, resume evaluation, practice interview sessions, and more. Career counselors are equipped to work in many different industries.

Housing Assistance

Homelessness can be prevented. Get assistance with purchasing a home, finding rental housing, home maintenance, and avoiding foreclosure.

Career Coaching

We offer workshops to assist in developing informed decisions about career development and trajectory and to develop concrete steps that can be taken to achieve career objectives. We also offer training courses on various tools to use to meet those goals - resumes, cover letters, LinkndIn profile, etc.

Life Coaching

Using one-on one coaching sessions, our coaches use questioning techniques reflective, and prospective challenging practices to help women create action plans. These sessions are meant to propel forward action, showing women how to increase their self-awareness, clarify their goals, raise confidence and commitment and identify paths forward. Each person comes away with a plan for her next life steps.
“It is important that, as a nonprofit, we provide support to assist our country’s heroes in need, the woman veteran (who's often forgotten)” The National Resource Society for Women Veterans, Inc. is a network organization with a mission to enhance and develop careers of women Veterans with support, mentoring, and the tools needed to empower them to achieve in life. Read More…

We Can Relate

Our team of volunteers are either from the military community, or trained to understand the obstacles military families may experience. Thus helping them to respond with authentic compassion and love to help you accomplish necessary transitions as needed.


We're At Service to You!

Whether you're stateside, or serving abroad were here to serve you! Our services are both stationary, and virtual. This allows us to maximize our services. If you can't find the answer on our platform, contact us and we'll do our best to help you achieve your goals.


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