Lane Cobb

Is an author, speaker, and spiritual life and wellness coach who helps women uncover their passions, discover their gifts, and walk in their divine purpose.  Certified by Coaches Training Institute, WellCoaches, LLC, and International Coaches Federation and with 20+ years of experience helping women have healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and healthy mind-sets, Lane brings a diverse and extensive body of knowledge to her speaking and to her coaching.

 As a sought-after expert in the fields of transformation, motivation, and healing, Lane is an example to women who seek to ignite their passion, live their purpose and achieve their greatest potential. Lane is internationally certified in multiple coaching and healing modalities and is a graduate of Peak Potentials Train the Trainer Program.

Her services include individual and group coaching, virtual seminars, workshops and keynotes that provide women with a clear and powerful context for living each day with self-reverence, inspired by who they are and appreciating what they bring to the world.

You can find out more about Lane and her programs on her website

Write For Power – Healing Your Life by Sharing Your Story

Do you know your story has healing power?  Join us as author, speaker, and spiritual life and wellness coach Lane Cobb discusses the healing power of writing and how sharing your story can help you gain mental clarity, develop emotional strength, and reclaim your power over the past.