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Do Female Soldiers Consider Themselves Veterans?

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Women do not really consider themselves veterans. I have come to this conclusion after having felt isolated for years as a female veteran. I wondered, “where are all the other woman veterans”? We come back from war, and if we get out, we disperse to our lives and never reconnect. Why is that? Why haven’t […]

Community Care For Women Military Veterans

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Our communities are not keeping up with the dramatic changes that have taken place with our military personnel in recent years. Now, women are 20 percent of our current military population throughout the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. That statistic has a striking effect on our communities. Women are now in the “special needs” […]

Women We Honor this Memorial Day

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The last Monday in May, Memorial Day, is set aside to honor those who have died while serving our nation. Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day has many claims to its origin. Some claim that organized women’s groups, located in the South, were decorating the graves of Confederate soldiers before the end of the Civil […]

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